Selling your products in USA directly

American Agent company is able to carry out very powerful and straight-forward grassroots level USA sales efforts.

Many American companies today demand direct purchasing relationships with their suppliers. Category Buyers and Purchasing Departments, especially in the American Retail sector, have been given clear instructions to only look for and only work with Manufacturers and Suppliers offering direct purchasing relationships and 100% direct pricing. “Commission based Sales Reps” and “Manufacturers Reps” and, increasingly, even traditional “Importers” are simply not allowed in the picture anymore.

Because of the above reasons, there are many companies who never get past even initial review by American Buyers and Purchasing departments.

We well understand that using commission based Representatives (Reps earning a % from sales) is perhaps the way you have been operating for decades, unfortunately, here in the USA this kind of approach is not going to allow you to reach the sales results you are hoping for.

Every day we are contacted by a company who has realized this – sadly, only after investing lot of company energy, time and money into USA market entry.

How can we help? Our office is prepared to pool together your American target companies – American retail sector, Department stores etc. we already know very well. We can approach each one of them and introduce you to correct Buyer responsible for your specific product category. Regardless what your product is, these initial steps must be taken, our office can help you get past these efforts efficiently and without wasting valuable time. Our goal is to get you past initial introductions, product reviews and that you can get on their approved supplier list.

Many of these Buyers already know that we don’t get involved with pricing matters and are contacting to introduce direct relationship with your office (including 100% direct pricing) but those who don’t know this, it is one of the first things we explain, we even state this on our website front page. This way, we are able to capture their immediate interest and initiate the sales process for you.

Working with our office allows you to stay focused on territories closer to your time zone, you will invest your time only when we surface a qualified American contact expressing solid and sincere interest. You can consider us as your own American sales office.

Please also visit “Support Services” page. Operating in the USA directly often requires you having to handle other business areas as well. American Agent office is well prepared to find the best solutions for any given situation, helping you to setup a complete American sales and business solution for your company.