Often there are some important services which are required in order to consider your USA business presence complete. Below listing reflects some of these services, which might be necessary for you to consider and arrange. These services are offered by a proven network of partners we have worked with in the past.

Many of these partners already know each other. Benefit for you is that no valuable time will be wasted, communications process will be more efficient and your required USA solution will be in place more efficiently.

The list below only serves as a presentation of some of the matters we are able to orchestrate on your behalf here in USA.

  • Incorporating in the USA (Inc. or LLC)



  • Local Banking matters

    Invoicing, collecting, accounting and tax preparations by known and trustworthy Chicago partner companies.

  • American office

    Your own dedicated address and telephone number with answering service, very good for local customer support and displaying local USA presence.

  • Product warehousing and storage (warm or frozen)

    Product logistics, nationwide product distribution.

  • Warranty and product return programs.

  • FDA registrations

    American Agent is already name as “local agent” with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

  • Tradeshow matters

    Applications, pre-tradeshow marketing, organize necessary gear, shipping, show time translators, find extra personnel to cover the floor if necessary.

  • Anything marketing

    Local websites, translations, brochures, catalogs, local printing, organized mail outs …

  • Local USA attorney

    For overseeing any contracts with Distributors / Representatives / Customers / Partners. Any other situation requiring review of legal attention.

  • Collections of past due accounts



  • Background checks of potential partners