Hiring industry experienced and trustworthy Sales Representative is probably the strongest way to penetrate the USA market. Many times we recommend against (immediately) hiring USA Sales Representatives, but sometimes the situation requires this kind of approach immediately.

Like any other American Recruiter or “Headhunter”, we are able to find USA Sales Representatives and other Subject-Matter-Experts nationwide – any industry, any level of experience, and any USA territory or market area,. We have done this many times. We utilize the same sources as the local American recruiters and “Headhunters”. However, we offer a much more economical solution and only carry out these very specific Sales Representative searches, understanding your international position.

We do not search or even recommend typical “Manufacturer’s Agents” or “Commission based Reps”, we can find and help you partner with solid sales professionals with 100% loyalty addressed to your company and representing your company, but in order for us to be able to talk to best candidates, we ask that you offer your future USA representative a solid compensation package, including monthly standard base salary.

American Sales Representatives can be very cautious about engaging with overseas companies, sometimes the best candidate is lost during the final negotiations because the company doesn’t understand some of the very important matters for American Sales Representatives, such as medical insurance or retirement benefits. It can be quite difficult to get past these small road blocks, and only someone who understands their concerns can explain them what you can offer in place of these benefits.

We enjoy discussing with American Sales Representatives, introducing one-of-a-kind opportunities and companies with great products. And we have done this many times, we know how to explain the benefits of being one of your Sales Representatives for the USA territory.

If this is your selected strategy and plan in mind, contact us so we can explain you the typical timeline and what steps are involved.  These projects can vary in length and scope depending on the number of Representatives you need and if we are considering only one USA territory or several USA market areas territories.