How to find and engage with USA Distributors and Importers

Perhaps you are a company with complex and technical product line, or your post-sales activities simply require more localized support … there are many reasons why partnering with reputable American Distributors, Importers, Wholesalers, Resellers or other kind of American partner company is simply necessary.

American Agent company is ideally positioned to help you. We can position you strongest way possible front of potential USA partners. Since 2002, we have helped over 100 companies align with best possible USA Partner companies. We approach and introduce you to established companies with good history and reputation in your very specific business. We make sure company is managed by Executives who understand your products and industry, and -most importantly- we always look for companies with effective and strongest possible sales force.

We can, and we will:

(1) Map out all the players within your industry. Many American industries we already know very well and can approach target companies without much time invested into research. Usually our pool of American target companies can range between 50-150 companies and that is most often our starting point.

(2) Introduce you to correct Executive within each and every target company, usually our contacts are highest level Executives, often CEO’s or company owners themselves.  

(3) Carry out polite and diplomatic introductions to your company, measuring their level of interest to get involved with your company.

From this point on, the situation is always different, only by establishing these initial communications, we can -together with you- understand your company positioning here in the USA, and, who are the ones sincerely interested to work with you.

Natural next step is to orchestrate visits with the best potential American partner companies, we have done this several times and can organize very good meetings fitting your travel schedule. It is the best, and only way, for you to realize which companies make best possible American Partners for you.

Length of the project can vary depending on your specific situation, contact us for more details.